Madison Heights, MI, USA -- Sika Corporation, premiere supplier of innovative adhesive and sealant solutions, is proud to introduce SikaTack® Panel-50 into our Vertical Glass product line offering.  SikaTack® Panel-50 is a one component neutral curing silicone which combines mechanical strength with excellent elasticity.  This product is ideally suited for use in structural joints in ventilated facades between the vertically installed substructure and the façade panels that will be subjected to dynamic and static stresses. 

SikaTack® Panel-50 is a vital component of the SikaTack® Panel System. This unique adhesive system allows for the design of aesthetically-pleasing building facades that improve modern living comfort, promote energy savings and sustainable building investment.  When it comes to ventilated facade panels, SikaTack® Panel System meets exacting building requirements and eliminates the need for unsightly screws or rivets in panel fixation. This unique architectural system has been designed for use in both new construction and refurbishment. ​​Benefits of utilizing this complete system include:

- Aesthetically pleasing - no visible screws or rivets  ​
- Elastic bonding provides uniform tension over the whole panel, therefore no deflections of panels
- Withstands high dynamic stresses
- Extremely cost effective due to fast installation
- Increased thermal performance on exterior walls
- Provides creative opportunities in façade design


"The SikaTack® Panel-50 is a great addition to the SikaTack® Panel System," stated John Babun, National Manager Vertical Glass, "enabling customers to utilize a comprehensive panel bonding system to meet their unique facade application needs." Products that comprise the full SikaTack® Panel System include:
SikaTack® Panel-50 - One component moisture curing structural silicone
SikaTack® Panel Primer - Pigmented, solvent-based adhesion promoter
SikaTack® Panel Fixing Tape - Closed cell PE foam core with pressure sensitive adhesive for panel pre-fixation 
Sika® Aktivator-205 - Adhesion promoting solution for the pretreatment of bonding surfaces prior to utilizing Sikaflex® products

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