Madison Heights, MI -- Sika Corporation, premiere supplier of innovative adhesive, sealant, composite resins and tooling solutions for the Marine industry, is proud to announce the launch of a new marine retail products and program.


Sika Marine is already known for providing boat builders the most comprehensive line of high performance adhesives, sealants, composite resins and tooling solutions. Now Sika is launching the same products supplied to boat builders in a newly developed retail program. The marine retail program will consist of adhesives, sealants, and composite resins in new packaging and merchandising for the marine repair aftermarket.


Sika will offer a line of sealants and adhesives in a newly-designed three-ounce tube packaging. Compared to the current aluminum packaging found in the marine retail environment today, the new Sika package is an easy-to-squeeze laminated smooth surface tube with a wider nozzle opening for easier application. In addition, the tube comes with a side twist and stand up cap. Each product is packaged in a colorful blister pack and packaged 10 per carton in a master carton with easy to cut side panels and a tray that can be easily used for displaying the product on a shelf or counter.


Sika sealant and adhesive products that will be launched in the retail program include:     

  • Sikaflex®-291LOT   
  • Sikaflex®-291   
  • Sikaflex®-292   
  • Sikaflex®-295UV   
  • Sikasil® N-Plus   
  • SikaForce®-315 - A new, very-fast curing polyurethane structural adhesive.


Over five years ago, Sika acquired Axson Technologies (Now Sika Advanced Resins), the proud manufacturer of marine composite and tooling brands (such as ADTECH® and SPARTITE®). Sika has taken the best products from the Advanced Resins catalogue of epoxy resins, polyester fillers, and epoxy fairing compounds to introduce a line of products for the typical composite repair for boat owners in the new retail program.


The epoxy lamination and fairing compound system products are packaged under the Sika brand SikaBiresin® in gallon and quart f-style containers. The polyester filler products, SikaBiresin® AP077 gelcoat repair and SikaBiresin® AP112 structural bonding/repair system, are both conveniently packaged in quart cans with the BPO cream hardener in an over cap.  


The composite repair products line includes:     

Gelcoat Repair - SikaBiresin® AP077 + BPO Cream Hardener - Quart Cans   

Structural Bonding/Repair - SikaBiresin® AP112 + BPO Cream hardener - Quart Cans 

Lamination System - SikaBiresin® CR72/CH72-1/72-2/72-3        

Resin (A-Component) - Gallons F-style Cans        

Hardener (B-Component) - Quarts F-style Cans    

Fairing Compound - SikaBiresin® AP861/861-1       

Resin (A-Component) - Quarts F-style Cans        

Hardener (B-Component) - Quarts F-style Cans


The combination of marine adhesives, sealants, and composite resins products makes Sika the only manufacturer that can offer the most comprehensive product range for the professional boat builder and owners.


As part of the launch of the new line of marine retail products, Sika has created a new marine merchandising program that focuses on educating/informing boat owners on selecting the correct product for the required application. Sika's retail merchandising includes color-coded product selection charts that present the most common adhesive, sealing, and composite repairs and identify the best Sika product for the application. Each product is color coded on the chart which corresponds to matching color on the product packaging. Sika has developed a merchandising program to meet any size marine retail environment.


The merchandising includes two standalone merchandising displays in different sizes, which can be tailored to hold 3-ounce tubes, 300 ml cartridges and composite repair products.  In addition, signage and hardware has been created for retail environments that already utilize simple canter lever shelving to H-frame sets.


"As the leading supplier providing a specialized range of innovative products specifically designed for boat builder OEMs, we are excited about launching this new retail initiative," said Russ Livermore, Vice President Marketing. "Bringing the same high performance Sika products used by build boats to boat owners - and educating the consumer on the right product for the application offers Sika the opportunity to expand our reach in the marine marketplace."   


Sika is a global leading supplier of a comprehensive range of adhesives, sealants, flooring, composite resins and tooling products to the marine leisure OEMs, marine aftermarket and commercial marine industries. From more information on Sika Marine products, visit our website at