Sika Industry COVID-19 Information Center

Welcome to the Sika Industry COVID-19 Information Center. This page is being monitored and updated to keep you, our customers and partners, informed of the status of business activities.


We at Sika Industry US would like to provide you with an update as it relates to Sika’s supply chain, inventory, and continuity planning considering the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).


April 24, 2020 Please click here to read a memo from Sika USA President and Chief Executive Officer, Rick Montani.


March 17, 2020 Please click here to read a memo from Sika Industry US Executive Vice President, Dan Hilliard

Is Sika Industry open and operating?

Yes. Sika's manufacturing activity falls under the designation of "essential services" as deemed by federal and state governments. All of the manufacturing and distribution facilities that handle Sika Industry USA products are operating at this time.  

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to get help with my Sika Industry order?

Our Customer Service team is the best point of contact for any ordering questions: 1-800-688-7452


Is Sika Industry taking and fulfilling orders?

Yes. Sika Industry is taking and fulfilling orders as normal.


Can I still order MTO (made-to-order) products from Sika Industry?

Yes. Sika Industry is still taking orders of MTO (made to order) products.


How is Sika Industry handling backorders?

Backorders are being handled according to our usual practices. Any customers with items on backorder will be informed of the status.


Are there any changes to Sika Industry order shipping?

No. Shipping of orders remains unchanged from our usual practices.


Are there any changes to Sika Industry invoicing and payments?

No. Invoicing and payment remains unchanged from our usual practices.


What if I need to cancel my order?

If it is necessary to cancel your order, this can be done according to our usual Sika Industry practices. However, this may not apply to orders of  MTO (made to order) products. Call Sika Industry Customer Service to discuss your orders.  


Is the Sika Industry E-Shop still operating?

Yes. Customers who already have a Sika Industry E-Shop user name and password still have access to place and track orders, as per usual. If you are interested in becoming a new E-Shop customer, contact Customer Service to inquire.


Can I buy Sika products on Amazon?

Yes. Sika's Official Amazon Shop does carry a selection of authentic Sika products. Click here to visit the Official Sika Amazon Shop: