• Economic Performance

    Economic Performance

    Ileana Nicolae, Area Manager Europe East

    “Sika is pursuing a successful growth strategy. In this context we are active in markets with structural growth and are providing solutions for mature and emerging markets. We are continuously developing new products and achieving technology leadership in order to ensure growth and profitability out of a strong market position.”

  • Sustainable Solutions

    Sustainable Solutions

    Koichi Oba, Head of Corporate Target Market Roofing

    “Roofing systems from Sika enable technical solutions which perform for longer service life. Our engineering services support designers and contractors, when they face challenges to fulfill technical solution for various roof designs. Providing sustainable solutions on top of engineering services will help customers generate added value ...”

  • Local Communities and Society

    Local Communities and Society

    Yumi Kan, Area Manager South East Asia I

    “We support local communities to improve people ’s lives. Since 2010 we are a strategic partner of Operation Smile Vietnam (OSV). This is one of the annual sponsorships of Sika Viet nam , which is not only meaningful to children but also to Sika employees who are volunteering.”

  • Energy


    Jorge Hernandez, Operation Manager, Sika Spain S.A.

    “Using less energy to achieve the same result and using the same amount of energy to produce better results – this formula has become increasingly important from both an economic and an environmental point of view. In our plant in Madrid, investments in energy efficiency are paying off through lower running costs.”

  • Water and Waste

    Water and Waste

    Anyelo Martinez, EHSQ Manager, Sika Colombia S.A.

    “Water is the oil of XXI century. We are using rainwater in our factory in Bogota and are constantly searching for low impact and cost alternatives to assure our growth, not only economical, but also social and environmental. This is sustainability.”

  • Occupational safety

    Occupational safety

    Stefan Oderbolz, Head of Operation Asia/Pacific

    “Our safety culture and healthy workplace environment are at the heart of everything we do. That means we promote and make every effort to achieve the highest possible degree of physical, mental and social well-being of our employees. When it comes to occupational injuries and illnesses, we have ambitious goals: zero occupational injuries or illnesses.”