Dear Friends of Sika,

Our company takes a long-term perspective on the development of the business and acts with respect and responsibility towards its customers, stakeholders and employees. We operate with a strong focus on safety, quality, environment, fair treatment, social involvement, responsible growth, and value creation.

Global Challenges

The world and society are facing challenges which also businesses need to actively address. Climate change, population growth, energy costs, raw materials and water shortages – these are some of the global megatrends and challenges that are set to change society in the years and decades ahead.

At the same time, these challenges will be powerful drivers for novel technologies and solutions. Markets will demand solutions for new approaches to building and construction, infrastructure or mobility.

Sustainability as business driver

Sustainability is a key component of the company’s innovation drive. For buildings as well as for industrial applications Sika aims to enhance durability and improve both energy and material efficiency. The company keeps making every effort to contribute to reducing resource consumption both within the company as well as for its partners who trust in Sika’s products. Sika’s initiatives and progress are organized along the
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI 4).

Throughout all this, Sika puts safety first. The well-being and health of the employees and partners is a prerequisite to Sika’s success. Creating safe work environments is always a top priority.

Ethical Standards

Sika enhances social and economic progress in all countries and communities it operates in. Through the Romuald Burkard Foundation Sika is actively supporting social projects in local communities. As a member of the UN Global Compact the company is committed to global sustainable development. Sika does not compromise on integrity and apply high ethical standards to its work. Sika’s “Code of Conduct” defines the standards and rules of behavior for the company and all its employees.

Value Creation

Sustainability has always been part of our identity. We are committed to continuously measure, improve, report and communicate sustainable value creation. “More value, less impact” refers to Sika’s commitment to maximize the value of our solutions and contributions to all stakeholders while reducing risks and resource consumption. Therefore we have defined six strategic targets that focus on economic performance, sustainable solutions, local communities/society, energy, water/ waste and occupational safety. We live sustainability to keep our competitive advantage for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Jan Jenisch