Jiangsu Sika TMS Admixture Co. Ltd., plant Nanjing, China


Rice husk as coal replacement in steam boilers


Substitution of standard coal as energy source for steam boilers to reduce CO2 emissions of the factory


  • Identification of qualified rice husk supplier
  • Installation of pipelines for steam supply
  • Lab testing of ashes and parameter setting to achieve required admixture quality
  • Regular maintenance of the boiler to keep good functionality


Significant reduction of coal consumption and CO2 emissions compared to previous year:

  • Annual reduction of coal (5,000 calories) consumption: 1,566 tons (- 34%)
  • Annual reduction of CO2 emission: 3,695 tons (- 34%)
  • Annual reduction of SO2 emission: 31 tones (- 91%)
  • Reuse of silica rich ashes as raw material in admixtures to substitute silica fume
  • Annual reduction of fuel cost by 25%
  • Improvement of labor intensity and working conditions