Sika Australia Pty Ltd; plants Wetherill Park, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne; Australia


Implementation of safe working practice in all plants across the country.


Establishment of safety first culture by creating a safe and healthy work environment


  • Initiation of monthly production tool box meetings with structured agenda to improve communication among staff and to follow-up important issues
  • Establishment of a robust improvement action request system
  • Launch of a safe working system by creating a safe operation practice for each equipment
  • Adequate safety signage and good traffic management knowledge together with education on principles of good governance
  • Training on adequate use of personal protective equipment
  • Establishment of a robust cleanliness and maintenance program for machinery and equipment


Significant improvement of safety performance could be realized compared to previous years:

  • Number of occupational accidents: 0
  • Total days lost from accidents: 0
  • Reduced risks of accidents and repeated mistakes
  • Reduction of rework processes
  • Close communication across all functions and improved morale
  • Get employee’s opinions and suggestions to improve productivity
  • Improved work efficiency and establishment of safety first culture