Sika Asia Pacific: 38 plants in 13 countries


Safety awareness day 2013 in Asia Pacific.


Improving overall safety awareness of employees and contractors in order to reduce industrial accidents and incidents.


  • Definition of a safety awareness week for all 38 sites in Asia Pacific on a yearly basis
  • Establishment of a safety day schedule, activity list and local steering committee in each country
  • Implementation as scheduled across the region
  • Share best demonstrated practice on regional level to make it part of safety culture in the region


Significant improvement of safety performance could be maintained since 2010:

  • Number of occupational accidents: - 60% compared to 2010 (baseline)
  • Total days lost from accidents: - 60% compared to 2010 (baseline)
  • Creation of a wide spread safety awareness and better participation of the employees through strong commitment from senior management on safety and learning from each other
  • Comprehensive, general and flexible campaign which helps local organisations to develop tailored activities for their safety requirements