Olathe, Kansas, USA


Recycling Partnership with the US department store chain "Target".


Replacement of the existing 175,000 ft2 roof including the recycling of the existing PVC membrane into new product


  • Since 2005, investing in partnership with external company to clean, shred and cryogenically pulverize post-consumer vinyl roofing membranes into a powder that can be formulated back into new roofing membranes
  • Since 2007, establishment of recycling partnership with Target to recycle old membranes from re-roofing projects across the US
  • Since 2008, active participation of contractors in the recycling program recycling as much old roof membranes as possible
  • Technical advice and logistical support to contractors to supply old roof membrane material to Sika


  • Responsive to all customer demands to support their efforts to eventually become a zero-waste company and to achieve their sustainability goals
  • The first US based company that introduced a recycling program for commercial roofing membranes to help customers reduce landfill-tipping fees.
  • The only US based company that recycles all of the collected material back into new membrane product, thereby reducing the product’s carbon footprint
  • More than 1,300 tons of old Target roofing processed since 2007.
  • The only US roofing manufacturer with third party certified recycled content.
  • Competitive advantage for contractors when bidding jobs with environmentally conscious customers
  • Strengthened relationships with customers in all aspects, including sustainability issues