Meyersdal Eco Estate in Alberton, South Africa


The main focus was to construct a new mansion in the residential eco estate and make it as sustainable as possible. Architects, engineers and contractors were all involved to create the best sustainable solution.


The owner of the Hough House wanted to build a garden on top of the roof and to adhere to the highest standards seen in the construction industry.


  • Providing product solutions to waterproof all the interior and exterior walls: Sika Cemflex.
  • waterproofing the roof and the garage roof: the SikaRoof MTC system, consisting of Sikalastic Concrete Primer, Sikalastic 601 (roof), Sikalastic 602 (garden), Sikalastic Reemat, Sikalastic 621 (roof) and Sikalastic 622 (garden) as well as Sikalastic Metal Primer.
  • Sika Top Seal 107 was used for the water reservoir. The house has a 200,000 litre reservoir to catch and recycle rain water. Sikaflex Pro 2HP - was used to seal around all the windows and doors.


  • A system was put in place that rain water falling onto the garage roof garden, will be channeled into the reservoir for use in the garden and home, while some will be filtered for use as drinking water.
  • The residents were able to have their "dream" green roof with all the plants and trees that they wanted.
  • Residents are 100% assured that the roof will be able to withstand all the pressure as they have used the one of a kind Sikalastic system.