Sika Colombia SA; plant Tocancipa, Colombia

Project goal

Rainwater harvesting to cover 80% of water requirements for industrial processes (cleaning water).


Blue Gold


  • Installation of a central collector, separate tanks and pipelines to feed the rainwater into industrial processes
  • Design of a specific water treatment filter system to achieve required water quality
  • Introduction of 5S approach to assure the clean collection of rainwater in all areas and to minimize product spills to avoid water pollution
  • Parameter setting and quality control to achieve required water quality
  • Create sustainability culture


  • Collection of more than 6,000 m3 rainwater annually, reduction of fresh tap water consumption by the same amount (- 70% of total water consumption)
  • Industrial water supply based on 80% on rain water (2013: 82%)
  • Rainwater has same quality as drinking water
  • Pay-back of investment after 3 years achieved
  • Green marketing and reducing the water foot print