SikaPower® adhesives are one-component, epoxy based, bulk hybrids which are cured by the temperature influence of electro-coat ovens. The SikaPower® product portfolio includes crash durable, structural and e-coatable adhesives. All SikaPower® adhesives are available with or without glass spheres, which are important to keep a required bond line distance between two metal sheets and to control the gaps.

The bonding of oily substrates (standard anti-corrosion treatment and deep drawing oils, approx. 3 g/m2) is possible because of the oil uptake during the heat curing process; this is an essential material behavior for good adhesion to substrates. Common substrates in body shop applications for SikaPower® adhesives include all types of steel, aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), and combinations of these substrates, in mixed material bonding.


SikaPower® -1200 is a tough, high strength, solvent free, thixotropic, fast curing epoxy adhesive.   It has been designed for fast assembly bonding.


SikaPower® -4508 is a one component, heat-curing adhesive and sealant based on flexibilized epoxy resin. As a sealant, it is especially designed for sealing on E-coated surfaces prior to a paint or powder-coating process.


SikaPower® -4588 is a one-part, thixotropic, warm applied, structural heat curing adhesive based on epoxy and polyurethane chemistry. SikaPower® -4588 is designed for sheet metal assembly work in the body shop and is cured with heat (e.g. in the e-coat oven).