SikaMelt® adhesives are part of our broad range of hot melt products, with a chemical structure based on polyurethane, polyolefin (with reactive components) or thermoplastic rubber. SikaMelt® is ideal for bonding plastics and composites, as well as metals, wood, paper, textiles and foams, for both interior and exterior automotive applications. Physical curing starts while the product is cooling down from its processing temperature and for reactive hot melts, continues in a chemical crosslinking. Curing speeds vary depending on the moisture content of the air and the temperature, as well as on the moisture content and permeability of the substrates being bonded.


SikaMelt®-9670 is a versatile, reactive hot melt assembly adhesive with short open time based on polyurethane.  It cures with moisture of the air and forms an elastomer, which is not re-meltable.


SikaMelt®-9677 is a reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive.  It cures on exposure to atmospheric humidity and forms a durable elastomer.